No Problem!

This message is easy to decode if you use a special diagram called a decision tree to describe the code! Here's the tree for our Wonderful Code:

How do we use this monster? The key is to start at the top of the tree and move down as you read your code message one bit at a time. If you read a 0, move down to the left, and if you read a 1, move down to the right. When you hit a letter, write it down and start at the top of the tree again.


  1. Decode a letter: 10010 = right left left right left = U

  2. Decode a word: 10010000001010 = U top G top H = UGH

  3. Decode a message: 011111000110011111010000010101 = EAT ANTS

  4. Encode a letter: W = left right left left left = 01000

  5. Encode a word: WHEW = 01000 1010 011 01000 = 01000101001101000