Lending Library

The materials listed here are available for loan to teachers for use in classroom or other activities. To check out materials, contact Cinda! :-)

Lesson 1: Binary Numbers
Big binary number flash cards
Black/white binary vests
Lesson 2: Text Compression
Lesson 3: Images
Lesson A: Error Detection
Lesson 4: Boolean Logic
Wooden logical boxes
Lesson 5: Finite State Machines
Apples, bananas, hats and leis
Lesson 6: Grammars
Lesson 7: Binary Search
"Find Mag" search tableau (64 trolls)
Pittsville phone books
Lesson 8: Sorting
Film canisters with varying numbers of pennies
Balance scales
Lesson 9: Sorting Nets
Sorting net placemats and chips
Batcher 8-sorter network (ropes/boards) (as seen in the News-Gazette) (instructions)
6-sorter/Königsberg tarp (light canvas) (picture, picture)
Lesson 10: Graphs
Lesson 11: Graph Searching
Caves of Trèmaux games
Lesson 12: Eulerian Paths and Circuits
6-sorter/Königsberg tarp (light cloth canvas)
Königsberg tarp (brown heavy canvas)
Lesson 13: Minimum Spanning Trees
Lesson 14: Steiner Trees
Steiner tree soap bubble thingies?
Lesson 15: Map Coloring
Lesson 16: Deadlock
Lesson B: Information Hiding
Lesson C: Subset Sum